1994 –2000 Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (painting and graphic department);

1996 –1999 Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague (painting and graphic department) Studio of Jan Van der Pool, Franz Lampe, Michael van Hogenhuyze;


Solo exhibitions:

2021November - 2022 January "Traps and Lures" Laznia Center of Contemporary Arts in Gdańsk, curator Agnieszka Kulazińska; 

2020 July "I do not know how I should tell that" , curator Aneta Szyłak, BWA Zielona Góra;

2018 October  "MeetingPoint 3" CAP Gallery Studio Y3 , Kobe Japan;

2017- "Troche dziko " Galeria Milano Warszawa;

2016 December - Reflection, Kolony of Artists, Dolne Miasto, Gdansk;

2015 March/April MeetingPoint- together with Nobuko Hayashi, Gdansk City Gallery;

2014 June/July "Hidden Places" an exhibition of paintings, Milano Gallery, Warshaw;

2014 April /May Galeria w Domu- an online exhibition of drawings;

2013 November/December  “Meetingpoint” collaboration project with Nobuko Hayashi, Galerie Herold, Bremen,Germany;

2013 May  “I did not mean it..”  presentation of drawings, Studio 27 building of a former director of the Gdańsk`s Shipyard;

2013 January “Do not expect too much”  Gallery Żak , Gdańsk;

2011 January/February “Nigdy nic nie wiadomo” („You never know..” ) Gdańska Galeria Miejska;

2010 November “Looks can be deceiving” Gallery “Milano” Warsaw;

2008 October-November exhibition of painting in Milano Gallery in Warsaw;

2008 April exhibition of painting project "Podejrzane", "Pets" in Austrian Culture Institute in Warsaw;

2006 October-November exhibition of painting series "Real Emotions" in The Center Of Contemporary Arts Łaźnia in Gdańsk;

2004 September –October exhibition of paintings at the Society For Arts Gallery in Chicago, USA;

2000 October exhibition of paintings and drawings at The National Museum of Art (Department of Contemporary Art) in Gdansk, Poland;

1999 October exhibition of paintings at Hillesluis Museum in Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Group exhibitions:

2022 February-2022 April "Take My Eyes" lokal 30, curator Agnieszka Rayzacher , collaboration Kinga Cieplińska;

2021 October- 2022 October  Nomus New Art Museum, branch of The National Museum in Gdansk, Collection in Action, curator Aneta Szyłak ( Tiled Stove );

2020.04- 2020.09 "Gdansk 2020" exhibition online of artists from Gdansk through pandemic time,

2019.10-2019.11- The Womenal , Gdansk City Gallery, Gdańsk; Hause of the Nuremberg Gallery Cracow;

2019.09- 2019.11 "I`m about to Go Berserk", lokal 30  Warsaw, Warsaw Gallery Weekend;

2019.08- 2019.10 exhibition of the collection of The Nev Museum of Art Nomus, National Museum of Art, department Zielona Brama;

2019.06- 2019.07 exhibition of Triennial of Drawing Wroclaw :Weltchschmerz", BWA Wroclaw Glowny, (Second price in the competition);

2019 04- 2019.06  "The Womenal " Gdańsk City Gallery, Gdansk, Poland

2019.02 Trienalle Sztuki Pomorskiej , Nationall Gallery in Sopot, Poland

2018.12-2019.03 Gdanskie Bienalle Sztuki, Gdansk City Gallery;

2018 October/November  'Wind from the Sea" , National Museum of Art, Department of Modern Art- Pałac Opatów; 

2017 November/ January 2018 - Grass and Kashubian, Gdanska Galeria Miejska, Gdansk, Poland;

2017 August/ November "Abgass Frei" Red Corridor Gallery, Fulda, Germany;

2016 July - "Zanjomi znad morza" Kamienica 25 Wrocław;Poland

2016 February/ April Exporting Zagreb , Palac Opatow , Contemporary Art Department, Gdansk, Poland

2016 January/ February II Trienale Sztuki Pomorskiej, PGS , Sopot, Poland

2015 October/December Exporting Gdansk , Gallery Barell, Zagreb, Croatia;

 2013 June  Streetwaves, Gdańsk;

2013 March Women Bathhause, Łaźnia Center Of The Contemporary in Gdańsk;      

2012 November Narracje, Gdańsk, teren Stoczni Gdańskiej;

2012 March Women`s  Bathhause , Laznia Center Of The Contemporary Arts in Gdansk; 

2011 March Women Art Fair, Center for the Contemporary Arts Łaźnia, Gdańsk

2010 May “Majówka “ , Modelarnia , Shipyard area in Gdańsk;

2010 March Woman Art Fair, Center for Contemporary Art Łaźnia, Gdańsk, Poland;

2009 December “30/30” exhibition for the birthday of the gallery “Milano” , Warsaw;

2009 April exhibition of paintings at the Toto Gallery , Warsaw;

2007 October/December  “model ad hoc”,  Wyspa Progress Institute Of Art" Gdańsk;

2007 March "M jak Miłość" ("L like Love" ), Kuluary Gallery, Warsaw;

2006 November “Soft Love..?”,  Modelarnia, Shipyard area in Gdańsk;

2006 July “Deutschland -Polen , Galerie Zero, Berlin, Germany

2006 June “Hansepol ”-Hamburg Altona, Germany;

2006 May “Raj Urojony(-ch) wzniosłosci ” - Modelarnia, The Site of Gdańsk’s Shipyard;

2006 17 March “Cold” Modelarnia-Shipyard area in Gdansk (organized by Fundacja Wyspa Progress);

2006 February - March “Ladies ask Gentlemen” Center Of The Contemporary Arts Laźnia in  Gdansk;

2005 October 1st Polish Biennale Of The Painting, Tower Building Gallery in Łódź;

2002 May  “Just a man”- exhibition at The Baltic Center of Art;


Awards and Residency:

2005 August Award of Pomerania Governor in the 6th International Festival; The Wall Painting Kliniczna and Lower City Murales organized  by The Center Of Contemporary Arts Łaźnia;

2006 scholarship of President of Gdańsk;
2006 scholarship for artists from the Governor of Pomerania;
2007 scholarship for artists of from the Governor of Pomerania;

2009 scholarship from the President of Gdańsk;

2010 scholarship from the governor of Pomerania;

2011 (October- December) Bremen Kunststipendium;

2013 scholarship for artists of from the Governor of Pomerania;

2015 scholarship from the President of Gdańsk;

2016 scholarship from the President of Gdańsk;

2017 scholarship from the governor of Pomerania;

2017 scholarship from the President of Gdańsk;

2017 scholarship from the founds "Kultura Polska Na Świecie" from Institute Of Adam Mickiewicz;